a bio.


hey there, my name's josh and i'm a computer science student at northwestern university. right now i'm working as a technical student fellow at knight lab, doing user testing for the loft with delta lab, directing wildhacks, and editing-in-chiefing the northwestern undergraduate research journal. i spent my past summer working at groupon. i put some of the things i make here.

josh shi makes things.



it's slack in your terminal. i wrote this mainly because up until recently i was using a late 2008 13" macbook as my work machine and the slack desktop/web apps were destroying me. you can npm install it here, and the code's up on github.

wildhacks 2016

in addition to directing and branding, i also develop a lot of the front-end for wildhacks. the event is over, but the 2016 site is still up for you to peruse at wildhacks.org



these days i serve as editor-in-chief of the northwestern undergraduate research journal, a student-run publication dedicated to showcasing cool undergraduate research on campus. last year i redesigned the publication, which you can see here.

wildhacks 2015

i did the front-end and branding for wildhacks 2015, our hackathon here at northwestern university. i wrote a medium post about the process here. this website is no longer up, but you can check it out on github


online learning website i helped prototype and perform user testing on as a student fellow at knight lab