a bio.


hey there, my name's josh and i'm a computer science student at northwestern university. right now i'm working as a student fellow at knight lab, doing user testing for the loft with delta lab, designing for wildhacks, and managing our designers at designworks. i put some of the things i make here.

josh shi makes things.



a task management app built in the mean stack i made as a solo project that allows you to create and manage tasks based on urgency and importance

timeline helper

my current project at knight lab, a google sheets addon for timelinejs that makes it easier to create and edit timelines


a python web scraper for northwestern university's course and teacher evaluations

secreter santa

my friends and i do secret santa every year. a few of us have had the same people too many times in a row, so i used the munkres algorithm for a script that makes better santa assignments and sends out emails



i do the front-end and branding for wildhacks, our hackathon here at northwestern university. i wrote a medium post about the process here.


online learning website i helped prototype and perform user testing on as a student fellow at knight lab