200 Essays: In which I commit to reading more essays and then writing about them.

Attempting to read 200 essays and write 200 responses in 52 weeks. Find links to the essays here. Tweet at me with suggestions (I need them).

See the posts below:

  1. “Construct a Perfect Pentagon” by Thomas De Monchaux

  2. “The Tears of Donald Knuth” by David A. Banks

  3. “Engineered for Dystopia” by David A. Banks

  4. “Cézzane's Doubt” by Maurice Merleau-Ponty

  5. “Black to the Future: Interviews with Samuel A. Delany, Greg Tate, and Tricia Rose” by Mark Dery

  6. “On Self-Respect” by Joan Didion

  7. “Mindscapes” by Superstudio

  8. “This is Not a Cigar: Rereading Rand” by Susan Sellers and Michael Rock

  9. “Research & Destroy: A Plea for Design as Research” by Daniel van der Velden

  10. “What Design Means to Me” by Karel Martens

  11. “Function as Narrative” by Weiyi Li

  12. “Specific Objects” by Donald Judd

  13. “What Theory is Not, Theorizing Is” by Karl Weick

  14. “Thing Theory” by Bill Brown

  15. “The Creative Act” by Marcel Duchamp

  16. “Art Criticism” by Clement Greenberg

  17. “Trash, Art, and the Movies” by Pauline Kael